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Water and Fire by maga-a7x Water and Fire by maga-a7x
Hey! Long time without submit but I'm sooo busy with class work ;_; 
But sometimes we do cool things in class like this exercise! We had to do a panoramic illustration (we present it as an accordion book), and every page had to be connected.

I choose to illustrate the  :bulletred:The Red String of Fate:bulletred:  (you can read it in Wikipedia). It is a traditional japanese/chinese story I read long time ago and love so much. And I decided to draw contrary things like water and fire, and how the fate can put together impossible things.

First I did an sketch with pencil, and then painted it with Photoshop (I use CC).

it was a bit long to do and a bit stressful because in class is ALWAYS stressful xD buuut i'm happy with the result (: and I'm happy too because I almost never draw backgrounds (and I MUST) and it force me to practice. I've to do more backgrounds D:

Anddd well, if you want to see some sketches of this drawing and more you can visit my artistic instagram :)
If you like my art pleasssee follow me :la: ->… :heart: :la:

So I hope you like my art! Thanks for watching! (:
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April 3, 2016
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